Xanax vs Valium

Do you belong to the group of people who suffer from a serious form of anxiety? If you do belong without much explanation you could narrate how deteriorating the disease can be. When a person is beset with anxiety problems focusing on and performing easiest of daily chores can become near impossible. The functions getting disturbed could be as simple as conversing with another person. Problems might be serious where you find really tough to make it to a meeting, as you continue losing focus and are saddled with other anxiety issues. Issues like suffering from an injury or may be pain can be the sole reasons to trigger the anxiety issue in a person. Besides the agony of pain, falling into anxiety related problems makes the health turn into worse where it can place hurdles on the capacity of work a person can do in a day.

Two drugs Xanax and Valium are adored widely by the affected patients for their extraordinary capability in getting rid of conditions overwhelming with anxiety. Xanax is usually recommended in the treatment of severe to medium levels of anxiety with excellent outcomes. On the other hand, Valium is suggested for people suffering from extreme cases of pain. The drug is well regarded to be efficient in treating pain related problems and is seen as one of the final solutions to treat serious form of pain. An elaborate analysis of the both the medications would assist in rendering the advantages of the two drugs:


Xanax is regarded as a top notch medicine in keeping anxiety under check. The degree of controlling is rated to an extent where you need not be still thinking about any persistent problem. Physical symptoms caused by anxiety could be more visible, especially it is accompanied by heavy breathing and the palms becoming very sweaty. Xanax is clearly recognized to control all these symptoms under tight grip enabling you to hold on to your mental capacities and also not react adversely to any situation. As the mental faculties are kept under a tight leash you also won’t tend to lose your patience and when you are able to be patient, you can concentrate better on things and excel in doing that.

Xanax also mentally influences the person to adhere a soft approach. Normally, on being affected with anxiety, the person tends to hasten things and this leads to the person getting restless. This pill guides the person to tone down the anxiety quotient and raise their concentration levels. When the mind is under control people can think better and devise plans accordingly instead of being unnecessarily weighed down by pressure.


Valium excels in treating nagging or deep pain and get adequate relief from it. The persistent pain may be severe enough in inhibiting peaceful sleep at night and with the taking of the drug continuously for the prescribed period dosing off should never be a problem. The drug is also prescribed in circumstances when you are suffering from traumatic conditions like social anxiety or deep stress problems.

Another good reason to take the drug is that it is not very difficult to taper off.  One of the reasons holding enough validity is that its fat soluble. A trivial amount of adipose tissue could be in the body due to the action of metabolism even after stopping the practice of taking this drug.

Both the drugs have their own share of positives and negatives. For patients suffering from worst forms of anxiety Xanax is the solution to rely on. When the issue is with the pain and if it is quite serious Valium is the drug to lay your hopes on, so that the pain can be manageable without crippling the daily activities in your life. The negative aspect of both the medicines is they can make the person addicted to them quite easily after prolonged use. Considering all the parameters both the drugs are remarkably adept in treating the specific problems for which they are suggested for. It is also important to consult the physician before taking any of these drugs, so that the exact duration and dosage can be complied with, without having any preconceived notions about the ailments for which these drugs can exactly act as the remedy.


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