Of late, the emergency rooms are increasingly get filled with people who suffer from carious symptoms like dizziness, lack of motor skills and confusion. The weird part about it is that they have not overdosed on any medication either. Some of the cases do not even involve the consumption of alcohol or any other illegal substance. Soma acts as a sedative on the central nervous system. Soma with generic name ‘Carisoprodol’ and it is one a group of muscle relaxants. Soma is known for its relaxing effects, but it is also sought because it increases the effect of hydrocodone. A popular combination is called the “Houston Cocktail” – Soma, Vicodin and Xanax. This combination is said to have similar effect to heroin. One medication is for anti anxiety and the other is a powerful muscle relaxer. Taking both the medicine at the same time could cause you to go to sleep and not wake up.

Consequences of combining the two drugs

Drugs tend to interact in the body when consumed together. Chemical changes happen when meds are blended and one may not get the outcomes he or she needs, or some could be expanded to a hazardous level. Utilizing Soma together with Xanax may aggravate symptoms, for example, dizziness, fatigue, confusion, and trouble in concentrating. Some individuals, particularly the elderly, may likewise encounter disability in focus, judgment, and motor coordination. One ought to maintain a strategic distance from or limit the consumption of liquor while consuming the two medication. Additionally evade exercises requiring mental readiness, for example, driving or working dangerous apparatus while suffering from any of the symptoms.

What to do if you have taken both the drugs?

While staying away from alcohol and heavy machinery is rule number one, there are additional steps that need to be taken immediately after the effects are noticed. Immediately consult your general practitioner/ doctor about your symptoms and get symptomatic relief. The doctor may prescribe a central flushing or vomiting out the medicine if it is still in the stomach. The effects are so complex that sometimes the doctors are forced to pump the stomach to get the medicines from harming the body more. Further, Central nervous system and respiration depressants may be increased synergistically in some patients to manage their health especially if the patients are elderly or in a serious condition. Patients may also be monitored for potentially prolonged Central nervous system and respiratory depression. Patients who are involved in professions involving movement and mental alertness need to be monitored at their workplace to ensure that the effect of Soma and Xanax drug combination is not left in traces.

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