If you are really having a hard time in getting your prescriptions medications then you by now would have thought of Canadian based pharmacies. You can actually obtain the drugs you need at an affordable price from this store. If you are using this option, then you can be sure that you are actually going in the right direction and you can be assured that you are dealing with an actual Canadian choice that you can rest your trust upon. I was suggested Universal Drug Store which is a Canadian based drugstore and I was happy to know that they were actually good.

I had a glance to know for myself what they had in store and what they could offer and below are the questions I got answered.

How many happy customers does the Universal Drug store have?

One of the primary things I would like to take notice of in any source or which matters to me the most is to see how many happy customers they have in all. The many satisfied customers they have, the better it is. This might be because, a lot of customers are using this source and they are possibly giving out some referrals due to their satisfaction. USD has around 500,000 customers who use their site regularly. This gives me a hope that they are prominent and well established. They have many dispensaries all of which are being regulated by qualified government officials.

How difficult is it to get what you’re looking for?

One thing that I like with Universal Drug store is that it is very easy and convenient to find what you are looking for. You just have to use their drug search feature and get what you need easily. You also have the provision of mailing or faxing them your prescription and it is up to you to do so.

How will I know what I will get is safe?

A licensed pharmacist is going to handle all of your prescriptions. You do not have to worry that you might receive low quality meds or worry if you might not get what exactly you ordered. Just ensure that you have a prescription ready with you and you can get what you need at ease.

What kind of medications can you get?

As far as I have a prescription to obtain meds, I do not want to limit myself with a few choices. One of the main reasons as to why I use this source is that I can get even the popular medications I need as these are expensive outside. Certain drugs like Cialis and Viagra can be expensive but these could be the only ones I have a prescription for. There is no problem with Universal Drug store, they have all popular meds and even high quality generic meds are available here.

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