Tramadol vs Celebrex

When a person is agonizing under excruciating pain, for whatever is the reason the instant thought binding over all others is how to find a way out of the predicament. The earlier the person comes out of the trauma the better is the feeling. There exists a plethora of alternatives to gain relief in the form of therapies and medications and many of them have been introduced quite a few years ago. Setting apart the right one and the one which is conducive in relieving the pain is far more important. Out of all the existing medications two of them that is Tramadol and Celebrex are ranked better in treating pain and they have gained the trust of the medical fraternity too. Both these drugs, according to the analysis and as per the experience of the patients in the past are highly recommended in pain treatment. If the person adheres to the exact instructions as notified in the prescription or in the label of the medication, pain can be warded off easily.

Which one of the two is the best would ideally be the next question. And if suppose the patient is actually you which one are you supposed to choose? A closer inference of the specifics brings out the best each has got to offer the patient.


Tramadol performs the task similar to that of a narcotic to relieve you from the problem of pain. The medication finds its extensive use in situations where level of suffering from pain oscillates between medium to the worst. Tramadol is manufactured in variant forms and the well-known among it is the extended release version. The secret of the drug being popular lies in the fact that Tramadol works almost for the entire day to ease out the ache. The popularity of Tramadol should not be taken as granted where the pill actually is not quite easy to source.


Celebrex is grouped under nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.  The drug exhibits its efficiency in reducing the quantity of hormones that are primarily responsible for causing inflammation which in other words is pain. The drug finds itself as an excellent remedy for treating pain and inflammation that arise due to related ailments like arthritis. Other similar diseases for which Celebrex is used are ankylosing spondylitis and pain generated during the menstrual period. Children below the age of 2 years depend on the drug for treating juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.  Some of the ancillary advantages of the drug comprise of treating the occurrence of polyps in the colon which might be hereditary.

Which drug is the better of the two?

Due to the narcotic nature of Tramadol, the pill is associated with a certain degree of risk. These may be where you could experience more side effects or probably become addicted to the drug. On to the positive side, the drug is noted to work swiftly and efficiently and used in various degrees of pain. Celebrex has found its suitability in treating inflammation associated pain problems. And this factor alone stirs most of the people to side with this drug.

A deeper approach on to the functioning of the medicine makes us understand Celebrex is extraordinary in offering the relief and the prospects of getting addicted with the medicine are really remote. Additionally, the drug is most suited for miniscule levels of pain.

Most of the instances are also known to cause inflammation to an extent and for these purposes Celebrex emerges the best suited pill. Tramadol is more appealing in terms of providing instant relief from the pain.

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