Tramadol for chronic headaches – does it really work?

Tramadol pills are generally used to relieve moderate to severe pain that can occur from any reason. One type of pain for which the drug has become especially useful is in the management of chronic headaches. Any person who has this problem would know how crippling the pain can be and prevent performing any task due to the throbbing pain. Finding relief from such pain is not possible by just taking a nap especially when the headaches keep occurring. Tramadol can help in gaining relief from the pain and also in managing future attacks.

Chronic headaches may also occur if the patient experiences migraine attacks. The condition can increase the sensitivity to light and sound, thereby making the headaches worse. To soothe the pain, Tramadol may be used as a suitable remedy. There are many reasons why medical practitioners find Tramadol to be useful in treating chronic, cluster or migraine headaches. Read on to see why.

Why doctors prescribe Tramadol for chronic headaches

Doctors prescribe Tramadol for chronic headaches as it works very well for a number of patients. The potency of Tramadol is such that the patients can easily get relief from the pain. Although the clear mechanism of Tramadol is unknown, the therapeutic benefits of the drug outweigh the negative effects. Tramadol works as an opioid receptor to first provide pain relief, and then it works as an inhibitor in the reuptake of norepinephrine and serotonin. By doing so, the drug not only helps to block out the feeling of pain but to also increase the tolerance for pain. Certain brands of the generic Tramadol may consist of a combination of drugs to provide greater pain relief. The drugs’ effects can usually be felt within an hour of taking it and the headache will no longer be felt as intensely.

Tramadol is also available in various forms like oral tablet, IV, injections and rectal dose. From these options the doctor will prescribe the suitable formulation that can provide faster onset of relief from the headache.

Precautions while using Tramadol for chronic headaches

While Tramadol can definitely be used as a remedy for chronic headaches, there are a few precautions that the individual must take while using the drug for this purpose.

  • Do not self-medicate and take Tramadol only when prescribed for it by your healthcare provider.
  • The efficacy of drugs and response to treatment varies from person to person. If Tramadol does not work for you, then speak to your doctor for an alternative medication.
  • Avoid taking more than the recommended dose limit. Tramadol has potential for abuse if the drug is not taken according to the prescription.
  • Avoid taking multiple pills to clear your headaches. This can result in rebound headaches.
  • Consult with your doctor if you have any side effects or increased tolerance to the drug.

Talk to your physician for any other queries you may have regarding using Tramadol to ensure that the drug is right for you in relieving chronic headaches.

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