Propecia hair loss reviews

Shifted from rogaine to Propecia – Mandy

My baldness was triggered 2 years back and I was drastically noticing difference in the amount of hair on my scalp month in and month out. Then I decided to consult a doctor to get external medication. I was prescribed with rogaine and I have used it for a long time but it did not work for me. I used it as per the instructions given by the doctor but nothing changed. Then I shifted to propecia and I was seeing changes in as less as 1 month. Now the growth of hair on my scalp is very visible not just to me but to my friends and family. I highly recommend this hair loss med but the only con is that it is slightly expensive.

My hairfall reduced so much after using Propecia – John

I have been taking propecia 1 mg for 2 months now and I can clearly see changes. My hair fall reduced so much that I do not see fallen hair all over my shoulder or all over the floor in my house. Propecia worked very well to improve the hair near the vortex area but hair growth near the temples of my head has only slightly improved. I regularly take 1 mg propecia and use the generic version from India so I do not pay as high as other consumers.

I started noticing hair regrowth visibly after taking Propecia – Karan

I am 32 years old and I am already half-bald. With an intention to not become completely bald like my father I started using propecia. The effect of propecia on me was quite slow. I only started noticing changes after 6 months. The biggest change I noticed was the reduction in my hair fall. I believe the medicine works by first curbing the existing hair loss and then perpetuating hair growth. After 1 and half years or so I started noticing hair regrowth visibly. Now my hair is back as it was when I was 25 years old.

I was affected with Propecia reactions – Edvin

Propecia does work for me to control my hair fall, but it has a nasty side effect which is taking a toll on my life. My sexual willingness is so low and I am not able to take part in sexual intercourse more than 2 times a week when compared to the times I used to do it every single day. I hope it is only the initial reaction from the pill since I just started using propecia. I have heard my other friends who use propecia say that these reactions usually go away after a while. So I am keeping my fingers crossed.

My experience with propecia is 100% positiveā€ – Jake

Propecia visibly stopped the hair loss I was having for 9 months now. Previously when I pass my hand over the head at any time of the day I see a minimum of 10 fallen strands of hair on my hand. After taking propecia for 6 months, this hair fall was completely stopped. I do not notice hair falling everywhere and even when I pass my hand over my head I do not notice much hair fall, just one to two strands. I did not notice many side effects such as decreased libido or headaches. My experience with propecia has only been positive

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