Yasmin is a pregnancy prevention pill, which works by inhibiting ovulation and changing the uterus lining. When women buy and use Yasmin during sexual intercourse, it makes difficult for the sperm to reach the egg as a result of this, the egg is not fertilized. When an egg fails to fertilize, it would be flushed out from the body.

Follow these Dosage instructions while taking Yasmin

  • Yasmin drug packet consists of 28 pills in which 21 are hormone pills and the rest are non-hormonal pills.
  • Woman should take only one Yasmin tablet each day at the same time without forgetting to avoid the possible chance of pregnancy. It is recommended to keep track on the pills.

Read these precautions before taking Yasmin

  • If you smoke, Yasmin increases the chance of blood clots, heart attack or stroke. Hence this activity should be avoided when you plan to take the birth control pill.
  • Do not take Yasmin medication if you become pregnant.
  • Do not take Yasmin if you have blood pressure or any heart disease.
  • Yasmin efficiency may decrease if you are consuming medications like AIDS medication or any antibiotics.
  • A woman who has delivered a baby recently should refrain from taking Yasmin.

Know the side effects before consuming Yasmin

Though Yasmin is found to be very effective in preventing pregnancy, it also comes with side effects. The menstrual cycle would change after this drug is taken. Some women felt that their sex drive has been reduced.

  • Headache,
  • chest pain,
  • tenderness in breast,
  • depression,
  • weight gain,
  • swelling in hands or feet,


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