Xenical (Orlistat)

Brand Names: Xenical

Generic Name: Orlistat

Dosage: Xenical 120mg

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Xenical is used by people who are obese or over-weight to lose the excess weight. Along with this medication there are few other factors that should be followed like an exercise as well as a healthy low fat meal. The main advantage of using Xenical is that, it prevents gaining back the weight that a person has lost with the help of this weight loss medication. This effective pill should be taken only if the person is above 18 years of age. The active ingredient that is present in this drug is Orlistat and this is which helps the people who are obese to lose weight. The effectiveness of the drug stays for one to two hours. If you are over-weight, Buy Xenical after getting your condition examined by the doctor. The medico would follow the guidelines and would prescribe this medication for an individual.

How Orlistat work to treat weight loss?

Orlistat helps an obese individual by blocking certain amount of fats as well as by preventing the absorption of those fats in the body. The food that is being consumed is converted into fat; these fats should be broken in to smaller pieces to enable the body to absorb fat. This process is halted by the help of Orlistat. The enzyme that makes the conversion of fat in to smaller proportions is blocked by Orlistat. This fat which is not digested is passed out through stool. The patients should understand that, Xenical drug would not prevent the absorption of fat from high calorie foods or from sugar hence it is recommended to follow a strict eating regime.

How fast Xenical treat Weight loss?

Xenical is a very effective pill compared to other weight loss medications . Xenical helps the people who are taking this medication to lose weight at a faster rate. It is found that an individual who follows a regular exercise, weight control as well as the intake of low fat meal along with Xenical can lose up to 3 to 4 kilos per month. When it is continued for the prescribed span of time, a person can lose excess weight and also would not regain the weight that is shed with the help of Xenical.

Battle between Generic Xenical and Xenical Brand?

The drug that was first manufactured would be Xenical brand and they would have received a patent for it. After the expiration of patent, Xenical generic would be produced by the generic drug manufacturing companies. It is necessary for the Generic Xenical pill to have the similar route of administration, dosage strength as well as working mechanism compared to the brand variant of drug. When a generic pill succeeds in all the quality tests, then it would be approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). There are few differences between brand Xenical and generic Xenical and they are:


The brand Xenical would have a unique logo, appearance, and name because they would have a patent for it hence it is not possible for Generic Xenical to imitate it. This is due to the diversity in all aspects when compared to the brand Xenical. Even though the Generic Xenical pills are available in different appearance, it also provides a positive effect on the person similar to its brand variant of the drug.

Active and Inactive ingredients

The active ingredient would be same in Xenical brand and Xenical generic. Orlistat is the active ingredient in both the variant of drug. It is important to be similar as this is which helps the person to reduce weight. Inactive ingredients do not help the drug to increase or decrease the therapeutic effect on an individual as they are only dye or preservative. The inactive ingredients may vary between a generic and a brand Xenical.

Price matters

When the price is compared between the brand Xenical and Generic Xenical, the generic variant would be very cheap compared to its brand variant. The major reason behind the low cost is that there is no much investment in research and marketing for the Generic Xenical as the Xenical brand would have already done it. Another reason is that, there would be no competitor for the brand Xenical which enable them sell pills at a premium price whereas for Generic Xenical there would have many competitors leading to lowering of the cost of pill.

What dosage does Xenical come in?

Xenical is available in dosage strength of 120 mg. The patients who are taking Xenical to lose weight should not exceed the dosage that is prescribed by the healthcare provider. For the medication to be effective, take a meal which has only 30 % of fat in it. If the daily dose of Xenical is 1500 mg, then the recommended proportion of fat is 50 grams. For a dose of 1600 mg and 1800 mg, the recommended grams of fat are 53 and 63 respectively. If the person is prescribed to take Xenical dosage strength of 2000 mg, the recommended grams of fat are 67. When this is followed, people can effectively lose weight.

Xenical dosage instructions

  • Xenical can be taken thrice in a day with the dose of 120 mg.
  • Xenical can be taken with food or one hour after the food.
  • If the person did not eat or did not take food that consists of fat, intake of Xenical can be avoided.
  • A person who takes cyclosporine medicine should take Xenical 3 hours after the drug is consumed
  • When multivitamin drug is taken, Xenical pill should be consumed two hours before or after taking the drug.
  • An individual taking levothyroxine medicine should ensure that, at least an interval of 4 hours should be there between the two drugs.
  • Do not increase or double the Xenical dosage, if you consume a high fat meal.
  • Follow the instructions strictly that are given to you by the general practitioner.

What if I miss a dose?

Missing a dose is very common and it is not to be worried about. When an individual forgets to take Xenical, it is possible for them to take the missed dose within one hour after a meal. If the time is more than an hour after the food, it is important to skip the dose. The person should not take the missed dose along with the schedule of next dose as it would not help you to lose weight but would worsen your condition.

What should I do if I overdose?

The person who takes Xenical should be very careful and should not overdose. Some individuals would take extra dose thinking that it would help them to lose weight at a faster rate. This may lead to drug overdose and cause unwanted symptoms. If the person experiences any change in the health condition, consulting the doctor as soon as possible would be the best choice.

What should patients know before taking Xenical?

There are certain factors that a patient should follow before taking Xenical weight loss pill and they are

  • You should not take Xenical if you are allergic to Orlistat.
  • The person who has planned to take Xenical should discuss with the general Practitioner if they have any medical conditions like type1 or type 2 diabetes, liver problem, kidney disorder, history of gallstones, pancreatitis, eating disorder, underactive thyroid, chronic malabsorption syndrome, and gallbladder problems.
  • When Xenical is taken, other weight loss medications should not be used.
  • As there is high chance for an individual to get addicted to this drug, it is very important to take Xenical only for the prescribed period of time.
  • Those who are prescribed with Xenical medication should not share with anyone who are obese or who wants to lose weight.

Xenical Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Warnings

A woman who is pregnant should not take Xenical weight loss pill even if they are obese or overweight. The active ingredient in Xenical drug would harm the foetus hence it is essential to tell the medical practitioner if you are pregnant or planning to become pregnant. Those women who are breast feeding babies are not recommended to take Xenical as research has found that the ingredients in this drug would pass on to the baby while breast feeding.

Some Xenical side effect you should know

Even though it has an effective mechanism which helps a person to lose weight, Xenical drug also triggers certain side effects when it is taken. There are two kinds of ill-effects that can be aggravated such as short-term side effects and long-term side effects. The former is that occurs for a shorter span of time and would disappear soon whereas the latter is which occurs for a prolonged period of time hence would need medical assistance to recover from the condition.

Short-term side effects

Some of the short-term side effects that are caused by Xenical are

  • Oil spotting from renal area
  • Stools that would be oily
  • orange or brown coloured oil in the stool
  • oily discharge
  • loose stools
  • A person feels it difficult to handle bowel movements
  • rectal pain
  • nausea
  • stomach pain

Medical practitioner has to be contacted if any of the symptoms persists or happens frequently to an individual who is taking Xenical medication.

Long-term side effects

Some of the long-term side effects that are aggravated by Xenical are

  • severe pain in a person’s lower back
  • blood while urinating
  • swelling in your feet or ankles
  • feeling tired frequently
  • shortness of breath
  • difficulty and painful in urinating
  • itching
  • loss of appetite
  • clay-coloured stools
  • jaundice

These are a few ill effects and it is possible for an individual to experience any other symptoms hence they should have keen observation on their body condition.

Drugs interactions during Xenical intake

To know about the drug interactions an individual can read the leaflet that is present inside the packet after buying their Xenical medicine. Some of the drugs that can cause interaction with Xenical are insulin or diabetes medication , pills that are taken for condition like seizure, vitamin pill that contains beta carotene or vitamin E, warfarin medication like Jantoven or Coumadin, herbal products, and dietary supplements. Before taking Xenical weight loss medication, tell doctor if you are taking any drugs for treating any medical ailments. This will help you in avoiding the interaction with Xenical as well as ensures you to safely commence the course of therapy.

How to store Xenical after using?

Xenical weight loss medication should be stored properly. Some of the steps that should be followed are listed below:

  • Xenical are available in the bottle and keep it in a tightly closed manner. Do not change this drug to another container.
  • Xenical should be stored at a room temperature away from moisture, heat and sunlight.
  • If the Xenical pills crossed the expiration date, it should be thrown using safe methods and should not be taken by the person.
  • Keeping a track on Xenical pills enable you to identify if anyone is misusing Xenical.
  • Do not take Xenical if it is damaged or if there is any change in colour or odour.

How safe it is to buy Xenical online?

It is very safe to buy Xenical online if certain factors are considered before ordering it. By checking whether the online pharmacy is legitimate or not would ensure the safety for purchasing Xenical. It would be easy to find if you search from internet. A legitimate online pharmacy would have a phone number and a legal website address, which enables you to contact with them and clarify your questions. If this is a place you choose to buy your Xenical, then it would be absolutely safe. One of the difficult tasks involves for an individual who wants to buy pills online are to identify which is a reputed mail order pharmacy. You can also ask the general practitioner, which would be the safe place to purchase quality Xenical online.

Reliable online pharmacy selling cheap Generic Xenical at unbelievable price

It is possible for a person to have faith on reliable online pharmacy to sell cheap generic Xenical at an unbelievable price. This is because they source from high class drug manufacturing companies as a whole which in turn enables them to sell at a cheaper rate. As the generic variant of the drug is already available at an affordable rate, buying this weight loss medication from a reliable mail order pharmacy would help a person to get Xenical at a very less rate. Even though the pills are available at a less price, the authentic nature of Xenical remains the same hence provides the same therapeutic effect on the person.


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