Tramadol (Ultram)

Brand Names: Ultram, Conzip, Ultram ER, Ultracet

Generic Name: Tramadol

Dosage: Tramadol 100mg, 200mg

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Tramadol is a pain medicine of the opioid class that is primarily used for treating pain in varied intensity. Most specifically, the drug is highly potent in treating moderate and severe pain. The medication is considered to be a fast-reacting opioid and that is why buying Tramadol is prominent over people who suffer from pain. Tramadol hydrochloride is the active ingredient of the medication. The launch and marketing of the medication started in the year 1977 in Germany, post which after 20 long years it was made available in other countries. Immediate release and extended release are the two formulations of this pain relief pill.

With Tramadol, pain relief can be obtained within an hour of administering the pill, and the pain relief effects last longer in the body i.e. for about six hours. The medication is marketed as Ultram and is also known by various other names globally.

How Ultram work in treating pain?

Ultram works in treating pain by altering and modulating the pain sensations in the brain. The objective of Ultram is to deceive the brain with respect to how it perceives the pain signals. In fact, the working mechanism of Ultram is considered to be very unique from other over-the-counter pain relief pills, as the latter impact the inflammatory mediators.

Ultram pauses the reuptake process that is specific to neurotransmitters like norepinephrine and serotonin. This process of inhibition leads to the activation of opioid receptors confined to the central nervous system. The resultant effect of which pain transmission that happens in the spinal cord is completely restricted. This is exactly how Ultram works in treating pain. Once the activation of micro-opioid receptors happen in the central nervous system, pain sensations are contained to an enormous extent offering complete pain relief to patients.

Does Tramadol work for everyone?

Yes. Tramadol works almost in every body type and age doesn’t act as a barrier in experiencing the pain relief that the medication offers. Since, there is a high risk of addiction one should act cautiously in administering the pain relief pill. Medically afflicted individuals can consult the doctor before taking Tramadol. However, in those battling serious medical complications intake of medication is completely restricted. Every individual can experience strong pain relief from tramadol provided if the intake of Tramadol is according to the prescribed dosage strength. Tramadol works very effectively for neuropathic pain too.

What is the difference between Tramadol Generic and Tramadol brand?

Tramadol generic and Tramadol brand differ primarily with respect to the inactive medicinal constituents contained in the pill. Tramadol brand is the originally patented drug developed upon intense medical research, whereas Tramadol Generic is the outcome of a slightly modified Tramadol brand. Tramadol Generic is deprived of the enormous visibility as like its brand counterpart and the reach of generic variant amongst the common masses is very limited. There is nil difference with respect to the efficacy of the medication in treating pain symptoms.

Reason behind the difference

The major reason behind the difference observed in two formulations of Tramadol can be attributed the drastic shift in the methodology with which both variants are produced. The cost of producing Tramadol brand is quite expensive given the extensive research and other manufacturing expenses.

Based on Active & Inactive ingredients

The active ingredient is Tramadol hydrochloride in both the variants of the medication. There is a difference only in certain inactive ingredients contained in the pill. Every pharmaceutical company producing Tramadol alters one or two inactive ingredients and replace it with alternate medical ingredients that tend to stay inactive when it mixes in the blood stream.

Based on Price

Tramadol generic is very much cheaper when compared to Tramadol brand. The cost of the Tramadol brand is bit exorbitant, since the companies manufacturing the medicine go about in levying the cost incurred for research and manufacturing process in the selling price. This, in turn shoots up the cost of the medication.

Important Things to Remember while taking Tramadol

  • Do not opt to administer Tramadol pill if at all you have taken narcotic drugs, sedatives and alcohol just before few hours.
  • Individuals with a history of metabolic disorder, head injury and seizures should consult the doctor before taking Tramadol, since it might trigger seizures in rare cases.
  • Administering Tramadol can become habit-forming even if when taken regularly. Hence, stick on the doctor’s prescription when it comes to dosage strength. Don’t titrate it very often.
  • Do not take Tramadol in a crushed or injectable form so as to avoid the risk of fatal health consequences.
  • Patients taking medicines for migraine headaches, mental illness, Parkinson’s disease and depression should definitely lower the dosage strength of the respective medicines in order to avoid drug interactions.

Know the right dosage

Pain afflicted individuals opting to undertake a course of therapy with Tramadol should decipher the right dosage strength in order to alleviate the pain symptoms in the body. The importance of dosage strength is of paramount importance as the extent of relief to be obtained is directly proportional to the quantum of medicinal ingredients that are bound to mix in the blood stream.

Dosage instructions

Tramadol should be administered on a daily basis only for treating moderate to severe pain.

  • For treating moderate pain, Tramadol Immediate release can be administered in the dosage strength ranging between 50 mg to 100mg. It should be taken anywhere in the dosing frequency ranging between 4 to 6 hours. 400 mg is the maximum dosage strength that can be administered in a day.
  • For treating chronic pain, it is better advised to opt for Tramadol Extended release pills. The medication can be administered orally in 100 mg dose and can be increased by 100 mg once in 5 days. Doses beyond 300 mg should not be administered in a single day.

What if I miss a dose

At instance of missing a dose, every effort has to be taken to compensate for the missed one. Utmost importance has to be emphasized for every single dose as maintaining dose consistency is highly critical to benefit out of the drug. It is not recommended to co-administer the missed dose along with the next dose.

What if I overdose?

Overdose of Tramadol can trigger fatal health complications. Hence, by consulting doctor on an immediate basis, one should take the appropriate overdose treatment. Detoxification treatment should be started in the earliest possible time so that the medicinal content can be flushed out of the body. Some of the Tramadol overdose symptoms are body tiredness and weakness, decrease in heartbeat, cold skin and severe fatigue.

What precautions should be taken before consuming Tramadol?

Following are the precautions associated with Tramadol and patients should stay cautious whilst taking this pill.

  • Despite taking Tramadol in the appropriate dosage strength, there is a risk of seizures when the medication is taken steadily over a period of time.
  • Possibility of seizure risks are extremely high in patients using neuroleptics, and MAO inhibitors.
  • The pain relief pill can cause serious anaphylactoid reactions.
  • Tramadol can cause physical and psychic dependence since it increases the cravings for it.
  • Since it is an opioid analgesic pill chances of addiction are rampant and patients should manage it by adhering to the doctor’s instruction.
  • Tramadol should not be taken in combination with psychoactive substances of any kind.
  • Opioid-dependent patients should abstain from administering Tramadol pills.
  • Dosing of frequency of tramadol should not be increased as it increases the risk of tolerability.

Alcohol and Tramadol

Taking tramadol along with alcohol invariably increases the analgesic effects of the opioid drug. And, because of which the central nervous system side effects aggravates in the body. Simultaneous consumption of alcohol and tramadol can slow down the functioning of the central nervous system and can cause side effects like gastrointestinal upset, Abdomen pain, sedation and very severe headache.

Pregnancy and Breastfeeding Warnings

Tramadol should not be taken by pregnant women and by women who are planning for pregnancy. There is an increased possibility of the medication causing fatal withdrawal symptoms in a new born baby. The same instruction is applicable for breastfeeding mothers too, as the medicinal ingredients passes into the breast milk.

Tramadol Side effect you should know

Tramadol side effects adversely impact all regions of the body. Side effects develop in the body’s gastrointestinal system, respiratory system and central nervous system. The medication can also cause psychiatric disorders too. Gastrointestinal side effects that are triggered in the body upon administering the pill are extremely severe in nature.  The other severe nature of the side effects are those that affect the entire body system, most preferably the general health disorders like fever and others. The medication causes side effects when the dose is titrated very often and at instances when it is overdosed. Side effects of any kind can be controlled over a period of time once the medicinal ingredients in the blood stream wears off.

Common side effects

The common side effects of Tramadol are

  • Dryness in mouth
  • Severe Headache
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness
  • Improper Bowel movements
  • Whirling and spinning sensations
  • Feelings of throwing up

These common side effects are most likely to be experienced by all those taking tramadol pills. The intensity of side effects get automatically controlled without the intake of any medicine.

Un-common side effects

The uncommon side effects of the tramadol are

  • Itching
  • Poor vision
  • Blood pressure shooting up to high levels
  • Chronic sleeping disorder
  • Pain in joints
  • Cramps in stomach
  • Blood vessels widening
  • Decrease in appetite levels
  • Rashes
  • Feelings of anxiousness
  • Negative impact in the functioning of lungs

Drug interactions when taking Tramadol

Tramadol interacts to a greater extent with muscle relaxant pills, sleeping pills, anxiety medicines, depression treating drugs, seizures controlling drugs and narcotic pain drugs. Medicines causing drowsiness and that impacts the breathing process should not be taken whilst under the course of therapy with Tramadol. Prescription pills, over-the-counter drugs, herbal health products and vitamins interact with the pain relief medicine to a considerable extent.

Storing Tramadol

  • Tramadol should be strictly stored in room temperature and should not be exposed to heat and moisture.
  • Most importantly, Tramadol should be stored in a place where access is restricted.
  • Store Tramadol in a tightly closed container.

Tramadol without prescription. Are they real?

Tramadol without prescription is not a real one as it is extremely difficult to avail the medication without a valid prescription. Given its opioid properties, and high risk of addiction the pain relief is not issued in the absence of a valid prescription. It is better not to prefer an online pharmacy that promises to issue tramadol pills without prescription. It can be fake too. However, at the instance of extreme emergency one can obtain tramadol without prescription from a safest online pharmacy .

The reason why it is been advised to buy tramadol without prescription is because of its strong analgesic properties and the subsequent effect it causes in the body when misused unknowingly. Hence ascertaining the right dosage strength becomes extremely critical. This is possible only at instances of obtaining a valid tramadol prescription. Buying the pain relief drug without prescription can be counter-productive at certain circumstances when the dosage strength administered might trigger some serious medical complications in the body.

Learn How to buy cheap Tramadol online

To buy cheap tramadol online undertake a brief research and find out the online pharmacy portal that offer exclusive deals on the purchase of medication. Identify the price of all tramadol packs and get to know which is competitive. Pain relief pills like tramadol can be obtained at a cheaper price from certain Canadian online pharmacies. Take a wise choice by buying cheap Tramadol online from an online pharmacy that offers value proportion in terms of pills per pack and that is cost-effective. Do verify the medical composition of the pill along with the credentials of the online pharmacy.


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