Reminyl (Galantamine)



Reminyl is an FDA approved medicine that is used to improve the memory and attention which are the lacking factors in people who are suffering from dementia. Such people who usually have low levels of acetylcholine in the brain will have decreased attention span and poor memory, the factors which play a prime role in conducting daily activities. Although buying and using Reminyl does not necessarily help cure dementia, it surely restores the balance in the brain and minimizes the adverse symptoms of this condition.

Proper way of taking Reminyl

  • Reminyl must be taken twice a day usually accompanied by food. Reminyl is taken with morning breakfast and evening meals.
  • Plenty of fluids must be taken while one is on the course of therapy with Reminyl medicine.
  • The Reminyl dosage will initially be commenced with smaller than required quantity and it will be gradually increased to the target dose based on the person’s response to the treatment.

Read these precautions before taking Reminyl

  • If you forget to take a Reminyl dose and if it is just 1 to 2 hours past your dosing time then you can take the missed dose, but it is already time for your next dose then it is best to skip the Reminyl dose that is missed.
  • One must only get Reminyl after word of approval from the doctor, if they have medical conditions like problems with urination, liver or kidney problems, stomach ulcers and seizures.

Know the side effects before consuming Reminyl

Less serious side effects like,

These can be tolerated for a while as they usually subside within a short time.

Discontinue the use of Reminyl generic if you have symptoms like,

  • chest pain,
  • less urination,
  • bloody stools,


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