Propecia (Finasteride)

Brand Names: Propecia, Proscar

Generic Name: Finasteride

Dosage: Propecia 5mg, 2mg, 1mg

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Propecia is the brand name under which the drug Finasteride is available. The drug is indicated primarily in the treatment of hair loss and is also used off-label for a few other health conditions. Propecia is classified as a 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. The drug works by suppressing the conversion of the male hormone testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Finasteride is a prescription medication that is indicated for use in men only. Due to its working formula, men who worry about hair loss have started buying Propecia. Propecia is approved for the long-term treatment of hair loss and is the only FDA-approved oral pill that can aid in hair regrowth and in preventing further hair loss in men. Propecia may also be used in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) and as off-label use for hormone therapies.

How Finasteride works in treating Hair loss?

Finasteride targets and inhibits the conversion of DHT in the body by about 65-70%. Elevated DHT levels weaken the hair follicles and cause the loss of hair. By bringing down the level of DHT, new hair follicles can take root and help grow back any lost hair. Taking Propexcia on a regular basis also prevents the hair from falling further. This is the exact mechanism by which Propecia helps to treat hair loss in men. Balding can occur due to a number of reasons like genetics, lifestyle choices, and certain diseases. Conditions like male pattern baldness (MPB) and androgenetic alopecia can be treated with this drug. Propecia may be used as a hair loss treatment in persons experiencing hair loss but not in someone who is completely bald.

How fast does Propecia work?

Propecia takes a few months to show any visible results. Initially the patient may experience additional hair loss but this is an indication that the drug is working. Propecia drug first targets the weak hair follicles and thin hair to shed them and then begins aiding new hair growth. For the individual to see hair regrowth it may take about three months of continuous treatment. Propecia takes about six months to one year for the hair loss treatment to show better results. If there is no visible hair growth after three months, then Propecia may not be effective for that individual and alternate treatments may be required. The general practitioner may also increase the Propecia dose to see if that works for the patient.

How Generic Propecia differs from Propecia Brand?

The Propecia brand and Generic Propecia are very similar, with the exception of a few minor differences. While comparing the brand and generic, one can assess the differences in the terminology, the active ingredients, inactive ingredients, and the pricing. These may vary from product to product, but in general both brand and generic are considered to be the same in terms of bioequivalence. This means that both Propecia brand and Propecia generic are equal in terms of drug efficacy, strength, and dose. The differences between the two may be looked into with a little more detail below.


Propecia was the first brand name under which the drug was available and generic variants became available only after the expiry of the original patent. The generic version of Propecia may be available under other trade names which differentiate the brand from the generic. The generic versions of Propecia cannot be sold under the brand name Propecia.

Based on Active & Inactive ingredients

Propecia brand and Propecia generic contain the same ingredient Finasteride. This is the main active component that helps in treating hair loss. There may be some differences in the inactive ingredients of the drug composition as the product is manufactured by different drug companies. To know what the active and inactive ingredients of the brand or Generic Propecia, one can read the product label that lists these components.

Based on Price

The price of Propecia varies between the brand and the generic, which is the most outstanding difference between the two. Since Propecia was the first drug to be sold under this brand name while holding the patent rights, it is priced comparatively higher than the generic version of Propecia. As the drug is indicated for long-term treatment, individuals can choose the variant that will be more feasible.

Proper way of taking Propecia

The efficacy of Propecia in treating hair loss in men depends on the accurate way of taking the medication. For best results, Propecia should be taken by following the dosing information provided by the prescribing healthcare professional. One should take exceptional care regarding the dosage and the duration of the Propecia drug therapy. This would help in reaping the benefits of Propecia without any hitches. The patient who is on Propecia medication should undergo regular health checks to monitor for side effects. Propecia should not be handled by women and children.

Recommended dosage

The initial recommended dosage of Propecia is 1 mg. Based on the response to the treatment the patient may be allowed to continue with the same dose. If there is little to no response the dosage may be increased to 5 mg, which is the maximum dose limit for a day.

Follow these dosage instructions while taking Propecia

Propecia has some dosing instructions that are important to follow for maximum effectiveness. The patient prescribed to take Propecia should do as recommended below:

  • Take a single dose of Propecia every day.
  • Propecia drug should be taken at the same time every day to maintain the low DHT levels and also to avoid forgetting the dose.
  • Swallow the Propecia pill whole without breaking or chewing it.
  • Propecia drug may be taken with or without food.
  • Do not stop taking Propecia unless it does not show any results, causes any allergic reactions, or as instructed by the doctor. Discontinuing Propecia can result in hair loss.
  • Do not take Propecia for longer than recommended.
  • Do not share Propecia with any person for whom the drug is not prescribed.
  • To check Propecia drug’s efficacy and to ensure that it is not causing any adverse effects, get health checks done at regular intervals.

What happens if I miss a dose?

If a dose is missed then the effects of the DHT suppression lessen. When this happens the drug’s effectiveness in preventing the hair loss becomes affected. Hence, it is important to ensure that the Propecia dose is not skipped or missed. In case of a missed dose, do not double the dose or take the missed dose of Propecia if it is closer to the next scheduled dose.

What should I do in case of an overdose?

If an individual is suspected of drug overdose, seek emergency medical attention without any delay. Propecia does not cause any life-threatening overdose symptoms but it can increase the risk of side effects. To prevent this from happening, stick to the dosing schedule without modifying it in any manner.

What are the precautions when consuming Propecia?

Hair loss treatment with Propecia involves taking it in the right way along with a few important precautions before commencing the drug course.

  • Propecia should never be handled by women or children if it is broken or crushed as the drug components can be absorbed through the skin, which is harmful.
  • Do regular blood tests and also check for signs of prostate cancer.
  • Propecia should be taken only if it is prescribed for the person.
  • Prior to getting prescribed for Propecia, inform the healthcare provider regarding any illnesses like prostate cancer, liver problems, kidney diseases, urinary troubles, and stricture of the urethra.
  • Do not take Propecia if the individual is allergic to Finasteride.

Alcohol and Propecia

There is no specific warning regarding the use of alcohol while taking Propecia. However, it is recommended to avoid drinking excess amounts of alcohol to prevent increased risk of side effects. The patient can discuss with the prescribing doctor on how much alcohol can be consumed. Medical researchers have found that Propecia actually reduces the effects of alcohol.

Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women

Propecia should not be taken or handled by pregnant women. Propecia can cause harmful effects on the developing foetus like birth defects. Although the pill is coated to prevent coming into direct contact with the active ingredients, normal handling is admissible only if they are not broken. Since Propecia is not approved for use in women it is not known if it can pass through breast milk.

What are the side effects associated with Propecia?

Propecia is generally considered to be a well-tolerated drug with minimal side effects. A few side effects may occur during the initial dosing period as the body becomes adjusted to the medication. These symptoms may not require medical attention but consult with a healthcare professional if they are persistent or bothersome. It is also important to monitor for side effects and inform the doctor on the same during every health check, especially as taking Propecia increases the risk of developing prostate cancer. In case of long-term side effects or any kind of severe adverse reaction, seek emergency medical attention. Some of these side effects may last only for a short while and can be easily treated, while long-term problems can also occur that are developed long after the treatment has been stopped.

Short-term side effects

  • Sexual wellness problems like trouble ejaculating, lack of interest, and reduced sex drive
  • Headache
  • Runny nose
  • Dizziness
  • Weakness
  • Swelling in the hands or feet
  • Skin rash
  • Tenderness in the breasts
  • Feeling light-headed

Long-term side effects

  • Impotency
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Illnesses associated with the penis
  • Reduced libido
  • Suicidal ideation
  • Changes in the body metabolism
  • Skin related problems
  • Muscle weakness
  • Fatigue
  • Breast enlargement
  • Depression

Drug interactions with Propecia

To avoid any harmful drug interactions, inform the doctor if taking any medications like prescription pills, over-the-counter meds, vitamins, and even herbal supplements. Likewise, if there are any reasons to visit a doctor inform them that you’re taking Propecia. Do not commence any new medication without consulting the doctor on the same. There are no major drug interactions associated with taking Propecia, but one should be cautious with the use of certain HIV drugs along with the hair loss pill.

Storing Propecia

  • Store Propecia pills in its packaging or container and take them out only as required.
  • Keep Propecia pills away from direct sunlight and moisture in a cool place.
  • Keep Propecia out of reach of children by locking the storage cabinets.
  • Do not keep Propecia pills in the bathroom, near the sink, or any place where there is excess moisture.
  • The pills have a protective coating to avoid direct contact with the active ingredients. Do not handle Propecia pills as you normally would if the pills are crushed or broken and take care to avoid direct contact with the damaged pills.

How cheap is Propecia in online pharmacy?

Buying Propecia from an online pharmacy is considerably cheaper compared to purchasing the pills from a brick-and-mortar drug store. A reliable online pharmacy has the advantage of sourcing the Propecia pills directly from the manufacturer and can offer the same at a lower price. Also, internet pharmacies offer good discounts to enable access to the medication to people from different countries with different economic backgrounds. If one were to compare the price of Propecia on internet drug stores and the local pharmacies it can be easily understood that digital pharmacies offer the better price. If the person decides to opt for a local pharmacy, he or she will have to make the effort to visit the store physically to get the prescription filled. The logistics of doing so is not needed when buying from an online pharmacy which is not only cheaper but can also help the individual save time and money.

Buying Propecia without prescription is just a click away

Ordering Propecia online is very simple as it can be done with a single click. The patient can get prescribed for the Propecia hair loss payment, process the payment, and get the product delivered directly to one’s home. Some online pharmacies offer the assistance of an amiable customer service representative who can help with the entire ordering process and even place the order for you. As Propecia is prescribed for the long-term treatment of hair loss, refilling the prescription through online pharmacies is also a breeze as the information is already stored in the database.


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