Levitra Oral Jelly


Levitra oral jelly is an erectile dysfunction medication that is made in a jelly form so that men, who find the conventional tablet version harder to swallow, can opt for the oral jelly version. Levitra oral jelly works by making the brain send a signal to increase the size of penis and also relax the blood vessels at the same time. It is more beneficial to buy Levitra oral jelly compared to original Levitra because Levitra oral jelly takes effect in a much shorter time which is 15 minutes

Proper way of taking Levitra Oral Jelly

  • Levitra oral jelly must be consumed orally but it does not need to be taken with water.
  • This erectile dysfunction medication can also be squeezed onto a spoon or mixed with certain juices like orange or apple.
  • Levitra oral jelly cannot be taken more than once in 24 hours.

Read these precautions before taking Levitra Oral Jelly

  • Levitra oral jelly also contains the same active component Vardenafil hence people who are allergic to Vardenafil cannot consume this pill.
  • Levitra oral jelly must be avoided if you are taking medication such as riociguat and other medications that are used to treat chest or heart problems.

Know the side effects before consuming Levitra Oral Jelly

Common side effects of taking Levitra oral jelly are,

  • stuffy nose,
  • back pain,
  • headache

These will most probably go away after using the medicine for a while.

Levitra oral jelly is known to cause a severe decrease in the blood pressure levels if it is taken with certain medications. Call the doctor immediately if you notice any such symptoms or symptoms such as,

  • dizziness,
  • chest pain,
  • erection lasting longer than usual.


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