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HIV testing kit works in an effective way to identify whether a person is infected with this virus or not. An individual should take a fluid sample from the mouth with the help of the swab. Now this sample is inserted into the test tube and it is mixed with the liquid that is present in the kit. It takes just 20 minutes to know the result. If a single line appears, it means that the result is negative. In case two lines appear, it is inferred that the result is positive hence an individual is affected by HIV.

What are the advantages of using HIV tester rather than Visiting Clinic?

When an individual suspects that he or she might have been affected by HIV, it is not necessary for them to go physically to the clinic to check it. They have better options to clear their questions from home. Those who do not want others to know about this can test it at home privately and this is the best advantage of using an HIV tester.

How efficient is HIV self-testing Over HIV postal test?

The time taken for both the tests varies a lot. It takes few days of time in case of doing a postal test whereas it takes only a few minutes in HIV self-testing method. The benefit is higher in the former compared to its latter.

What is the window period for HIV tester?

The window period for HIV tester is from two to eight weeks and this is a period in which the immune system starts to create antibodies against the virus. This HIV tester searches for these antibodies to identify whether an individual is affected by this condition or not.


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