Altace (Ramipril)



Altace is an ACE inhibitor and is used for the treatment of high blood pressure otherwise known as hypertension. Altace generic version is known as Ramipril. Altace can be used in patients for treating heart failure who have had a recent heart attack. Altace helps to improve the survival rates after a heart attack. Patients who are at a high risk having heart disease or diabetes are prescribed to buy Altace so as to avert heart attacks or strokes.

Proper way of taking Altace

  • Altace can be taken by mouth irrespective of having had food or not and it should be swallowed as a whole.
  • You should drink plenty of water when taking Altace drug.
  • Altace can be taken once or twice daily depending upon doctor’s advice.
  • If you find difficult to swallow the Altace capsule, you can take it by sprinkling the contents of the capsule over four ounces of applesauce with half a glass of water.

Read these precautions before taking Altace

  • Inform your consulting physician if you are about to undergo any surgery as Altace drug should not be taken for a short time while having surgeries or dental implants.
  • Do not use Altace if you are pregnant and do not take Altace with other drugs like aliskiren if you have diabetes.
  • Avoid Altace if you have kidney disease and do not consume alcohol with the drug.

Know the side effects before consuming Altace

You might experience common side effects from Altace drug like,

  • cough,
  • headache,
  • weakness,
  • tiredness or dizziness,
  • severe stomach ache,
  • hives,
  • breathing problem,
  • swelling of the face, lips or tongue.

Severe reactions of Altace include,

  • chest pain,
  • little or no urination or urinating more than usual,
  • nausea,
  • high potassium symptoms,
  • skin sores,
  • cold or flu symptoms.


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