At, we treat every user’s privacy with respect. We are committed to providing only the best standards in privacy to each user who accesses our website. In this privacy policy you would find detailed explanations about the kind of information that we collect and maintain in our database. Furthermore, this document also explains how such information is used. Any additional queries regarding our privacy policy can be sent to us using the contact us form and we will respond with the information requested for. What you find below is outline the principles followed in collecting, using, protecting and maintaining personal information.

Personally Identifiable Information Collected is not a website that automatically collects and stores any kind of personal information like name, phone number, email ID, address, etc. Where required, you may have to provide some kind of personal information in order to use certain features. It is the user’s prerogative to choose how much personal information is shared however limiting the details provided can also limit the services provided. The user’s information will be accessible only by an administrator and no personal identifiable information will be collected unless explicitly stated.

Using Personally Identifiable Information

Any kind of private and personal information collected by is accessible only any an administrator. The usage of such information is limited to tailoring services and products according to that provided on our website. None of the information collected will be shared, sold, or disclose to any third party, unless required by the law to do so. The personal information collected is only used for the purposes disclosed here. If there is ever a necessity to use such information other than as intended, then the consent of the user is sought before we proceed. We render services that may require contracting a third party to handle certain specialized services. We use only trusted service suppliers for such purposes in handling and processing of such requests.

Utilizing Your Email Address

Your email address may be required when accessing some of the services available on our website. This email address will never be shared, displayed, or sold to a third party. Additionally, the email address provided would only be used by an administrator to contact you if required. There will not be any unsolicited newsletters, commercial mails, updates or any unsubscribed content sent to your email address unless you have voluntarily signed up to receive these features.

Use of IP Address Information

The system we have in place is such that your IP address would be automatically recorded any time any of the pages of are accessed. This IP address can be viewed only by an administrator. The uses of IP addresses collected are limited to calculating statistics, keeping track of orders and sales, and when there is a need to detect and manage fraudulent activity.

Regarding Collected Statistical Information automatically collects certain non-personal statistical information from each visitor to the website. Examples of the information collected include the user’s browser specifications, type of operating system and version, last visited time, and other such data that are used for administrative, analytical, and enhancement purposes.

Safety and Security Measures maintains high security standards in order to ensure that all users’ data are protected from theft, unauthorized access, misuse, disclosure, and inappropriate alteration. All information provided by the user are protected with suitable firewalls that have been put in place.

Please note that our privacy policy will be updated regularly without any prior notice. You can stay updated on our privacy policy by checking it every now and then. For any important updates we may send notifications to users through email.