Phentermine vs. Xenical

Are you tired of trying all methods to lose weight to bring your body into shape? How long have you been taking drugs to burn the calories in your body? Or are you a person who despite all the efforts to lose weight still can’t stop yourself from having high calorie diet that again adds to the lost weight? No matter what condition you are going through now, there are two highly efficient medications that are prescribed by doctors across the globe to help people lose weight steadily and the names of the drugs are Phentermine and Xenical. You can read about the efficacy of these highly potent pills in this blog and take them appropriately as per your condition to battle obesity and overweight.


This drug is similar to an amphetamine and is a stimulant. A large number of physicians prescribe this drug to patients who complain of high fat in the body and suffer from obesity and overweight. This drug is very suitable for people with obesity who often suffer from health risks like high blood pressure, diabetes or high cholesterol. Those taking phentermine should follow a strict diet plan and also doctor approved exercise program in order to get the fullest benefit from the medicine. The drug acts in the body by affecting the central nervous system. The drug makes the person feel full for a long time and this in turn makes them consume less food. As a result, the fat is slowly burned down as the drug acts in the body constantly. This pill can help people enormously especially for those who find it hard to control how much they eat.


Xenical is also a highly powerful stimulant that is used by many people for weight maintenance. This drug comprises of the active ingredient orlistat which helps in blocking the fat that you consume and keeps it from being absorbed by the body. This drug helps in reducing the risk of regaining weight which you have already lost, and also aids in weight loss tremendously. Doctors recommend this pill to patients who have high obesity but only those who are above the age of eighteen. Rigorous workout and a proper diet plan are recommended when taking Xenical.

Both of these weight reducing medications perform on an equal space. It is natural that one drug will always be superior to the other. The choice depends from person to person. Some people prefer phentermine whilst some are happy with Xenical. Upon taking the pill for quite some time, you will be able to realize the ideal medicine for your condition.

Phentermine and Xenical price

Generally, phentermine is available for a price that is lower than Xenical. Due to the low price and equal efficacy, many people prefer to buy phentermine to achieve weight loss. One can avail 60 capsules of phentermine 37.5 mg for a price of $79.95 approximately. Whereas 60 capsules of Xenical in the dosage strength of 120 mg is available for $266.40 approximately

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