Phentermine vs Meridia

Resolutions are popularly taken by people globally during the commencement of a new year. Among the most common of the resolutions taken are the vows to reduce the body weight before the end of the year. Obesity problems are becoming common and it is quite distressing to observe even the teenagers and kids suffering from it. Most of the affected approach the doctors only after the problem gets quite serious and requires immediate attention. The problem of excessive weight also opens the gates for other health issues to attack the individuals already reeling under a tough physical predicament. Taking a resolution is fine, but how many people are really resolute in knocking off the problem to pull them out of the issue is a much bigger question. Though obesity poses a big health threat to the society it is not really very difficult to find options to get holistic treatment.

  • Enhancing personal health is definitely plausible and with that comes the added benefit of not getting apprehended by overweight woes.
  • By shedding excessive weight people always feel they have regained the lost confidence. Even cutting the flab by few pounds can make the person soar in spirits.
  • Conservation of energy is one of the direct gains made by dropping the additional flab and this equips the person to perform many of functions which could have been dreadful to even think about. It also means one could easily engage in exercises and do other things that interest them a lot.

After experimenting with other options or exhausting them or when they start thinking there is nothing to save them from the problem some medications can come handy. Some of them lose hope completely and continue eating in the way they were doing it before, so much to be termed as a binge. The medications that come in handy for treating excessive weight are Phentermine and Meridia.  These drugs were discovered to offer some of the most incredible results for patients suffering from overweight. A detailed analysis and comparison of the two will let us bring out the wondrous facets of both the pills.


  • This drug is found to be fit for individuals who have been straining their mind on how to shed weight for many years and yet not able to achieve any tangible results.
  • The pill plays a dominant role in controlling the appetite of the individuals and removes the excess flab without having to sweat it out through arduous exercises.


  • The medication is suggested for patients who just cannot let go off the habit of enjoying over eating. This kind of individuals simple over eat and neutralize any positive effects accumulated through hours of exercising.
  • The drug’s mechanism is that it makes the person feel a full stomach on food consumption. The advantage accrued out of the function has the person eating only the required quantity and also whichever is only healthy.  Thereby consuming unhealthy food stuff is avoided and the content feeling is achieved in minimal quantity.

Before declaring which is the better of the two, both share the same aspect that is they are manufactured for treating people with excess pounds.  One among the two pills is helpful in assisting the individuals to find their exit out of trauma of obesity and they are those who have their hopes already diminished. Meridia is the medication to vouch for people unable to control the hunger fangs and many of them are desperate to do something about it. The astonishing fact is these people tend to eat even though they aren’t hungry.

Both the drugs have their own pros and cons in treating the problem. Meridia can be quite difficult to buy at some locations, as one of the main reasons quoted is the patients may encounter severe side effects, difficult to manage. On a comparative scale, Phentermine does not pose many dangers and of course it does cause some minor side effects. The ideal drug is always and is best to be left at the discretion of the patient taking it. Decreasing weight is not an easy job and it requires a good amount of hard work to start seeing results. With the risk factors also highlighted the patients can decide their drug.

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