Meridia vs Xenical

Gaining weight is very much easy compared to losing weight. This would be known by people who are very heavy. They would say that it was very quick that they gained weight but even after struggling so much, it is not possible to lose weight. Sometimes they even get jealous when someone does not gain weight even after eating high-fat meals. Other times, they would feel worried about having excess weight. In fact, these kinds of thoughts are very unnecessary as two best weight loss medications are there in the market. One is Meridia and other is Xenical.

How Meridia and Xenical works on weight loss?

When Meridia is taken by a person, it affects certain chemicals in the central nervous system that are the cause behind feeling hungry. So, when the drug affects directly on the chemicals, it now acts as an appetite suppressant. Due to this, a person’s hunger level is reduced to a greater extent. They will eat but only very little. The cravings or temptations towards junk foods or ice creams would not occur while taking Meridia.

Xenical, on the other hand, works very differently. It does not act as an appetite suppressant rather would block a certain amount of fat that is present in the meal which you intake. This medication prevents the body from absorbing the fat thus would help you to lose weight.

How to increase the effectiveness of Meridia and Xenical medication?

To increase the effectiveness of these weight loss medications, it is very important to combine a strict healthy meal and exercise regime to the treatment.

Firstly, both the medications would help you not to increase the weight in the body. But, there is also much more things needed and that is you have to lose weight. For this, you could perform an exercise. Following cardio workouts, walking, jogging or even swimming at least 30 minutes a day would help you to lose weight. The rule is very simple, the more you work out the more you lose weight. Do not worry, Xenical and Meridia would provide a big help in achieving it.

Which medication works better for losing weight?

If you are a person who is not able to control your food habits and is very fond on eating your favorite dishes then take Xenical medication. This drug does not suppress your appetite, so you can take your desired food but at a less quantity.

If you are a person who has tried all other methods for losing weight but still not successful then Meridia would be the right pick for you. The reason behind this unsuccessful would be because of the chemical imbalance in the brain. So, this drug would help you to control your appetite which would pave way for reducing the weight.

You should not consider which is best in the market rather should analyze which would help you to lose weight.

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