Levitra for the treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms

Lower urinary tract symptoms, a condition that occurs more commonly in older men, can potentially be treated with Levitra, according to medical researchers. Levitra and other Erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra and Cialis are known for their prowess in managing not just symptoms of erectile dysfunction (ED) but also a range of other conditions. In one such instance, this medication may be used in the treatment of lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS). The use of this drug for this condition may be unusual as there are other treatment options available. However, the drug has shown in research studies that the symptoms of LUTS can be controlled with Levitra. Read on to see how Levitra could be used for managing LUTS.

How Levitra works

Levitra, which is the brand name for Vardenafil, is a PDE5 inhibitor that helps widen the blood vessels. When it comes to ED treatment, sexual stimulation produces nitric oxide which combines with the drug to increase the presence of cGMP. The higher levels of cGMP help to relax the muscles in the walls of blood vessels and thereby increase the supply of blood to certain parts of the body. The muscle relaxation effects could be the reason why the drug is able to manage the symptoms of LUTS. Also, Levitra is preferred over other drugs of the same type as it works effectively in the elderly, most of whom may have some other existing health problems. Levitra can work when the other ED medications are not as effective as expected.

Using Levitra for lower urinary tract symptoms

LUTS is characterized by a stricture in the urethra, which makes it difficult for the person to urinate normally. This is also a secondary symptom in patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) or enlarged prostate. There may be other causes of LUTS too, but the problem is a treatable one. Symptoms can range from trouble urinating, frequent urination, painful urination, poor urine stream, dribbling, to near retention episodes. The severity of symptoms determines the treatment for LUTS.

Several studies have shown that Levitra may be used in managing the symptoms of BPH. Likewise, the drug also functions well when it comes to managing LUTS. Men with lower urinary tract problems would be able to bring the symptoms under control with Levitra. Since the drug is highly potent they can be assured that it works.

Can I take Levitra if I have LUTS?

Any person diagnosed with urinary tract symptoms should consult with the doctor before taking the prescription medication Levitra. The drug is generally well tolerated and mostly safe to take. However, the right dosage information would be required so that it is effective for the individual. Not more than one dose is recommended in a day. Besides, the doctor will prescribe the medication according to any other health conditions present or drugs being taken at the time. The symptoms of LUTS also matter. If the treatment required includes muscle relaxation in the prostrate area, then Levitra may be the suitable drug for the individual. Avoid taking Levitra on your own as you may not know the complete drug information and can lead to situations where there are unwarranted side effects. If prescribed to use Levitra for LUTS, ensure that the drug is taken right for the best effectiveness.


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