How critical is it to consult a doctor before buying Soma?

There are enough reasons like injuries, surgeries and diseases, to add pain in your life. Pain leads to physical and mental stress, depression and fatigue. These can again perpetuate the pain. The vicious cycle continues until you treat the cause or use a pain killer. Soma is one of the commonly prescribed medicines for pain management. It contains an active ingredient known as Carisoprodol.

How does it act?

Soma is a muscle relaxant which works by blocking the transmission of pain sensation from nerve to the brain. If it is used along with other treatment modality, it can effectively relieve the pain caused by injuries and other musculoskeletal conditions.

Why do you need to consult a doctor before buying soma?

Never take any medicine without doctor’s advice as it can be very harmful to your body. Although medicines provide relief from pain and even save life, they can also have side effects or drug interactions which you may not be aware about. Same is also true for Soma.

Adverse effects:

A medicine with effect will also have side effect!The drug “Soma”, if taken in appropriately, will cause serious damage or even death. Therefore it is better to consult a doctor before you start taking this drug.

Soma can cause side effects like allergic reactions, drowsiness, sedation, headache, bleeding in gastrointestinal track, chest pain, convulsion, irregularity of heart beat, fever, loss of control over urination, shortness of breath etc and the list can go on!

Habit formation:

After taking this drug for longer time, you can develop a habit for it. In this situation, if you stop taking soma suddenly, you may develop withdrawal syndrome causing pain in stomach, sleep disturbances, headache, nausea, and convulsions.A doctor can provide information, that this medicine can cause addiction and guide you regarding how to take it and for how long.Therefore you should take this medicine only after consultation with doctor.

Drug Interactions:

Soma can interact with number of other drugs which you might be taking. A doctor is well aware about these drug interactions and can adjust dose of soma or change medicine if required. Therefore it is better that you consult a doctor and tell him/her about all the medicines you are consuming.

Harmful effects during Pregnancy and breast feeding:

There are no enough data to prove that Soma is completely safe during pregnancy and breast feeding. During pregnancy it may be passed to the unborn baby and interfere with its development. Similarly Soma may be passed in breast milk, to the baby and cause adverse effects. It is also not advisable to give Soma to a child (aged less than 12 years).


By taking Soma without consultation of doctor, you can expose yourself to overdose. An overdose of Soma can cause difficulty in breathing, visual problems, irregular heartbeats, confusion, hallucinations and even seizure!

The doctors have devoted more than 4 to 5 years to understand effects of medicines on our body. With their experience, they can provide vital information regarding dose and duration of a medication. So it is always better to consult a doctor before taking Soma!

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