Can the prolonged use of Ambien cause memory loss?

Ambien is a sleep inducing medication that has helped many people in the world to attain quality sleep. The active ingredient in the drug is called as zolpidem which is responsible for creating magic in the life of people. If you suffer from sleep problems then there are highly possibilities that your health care professional would suggest you with Ambien medication.

If the medication is very popular in the medical world then rumors start to arise. This is the case happened even to this Ambien medication. This blog is going to concentrate on a particular sensational topic and that is whether the prolonged usage of Ambien can cause memory loss or not.

Is it safe to take Ambien for a prolonged period of time?

No, Ambien drug should not be taken for a longer period of time. This pill belongs to the class of drugs called as benzodiazepines which means the medication is highly addictive in nature. A medical specialist would definitely know about it and this is the only reason for them to prescribe ambien for the period of two to three weeks. Not even a single medico in the world would instruct you to take the drug for a longer span of time.

How to stay safe without affected by memory loss while taking Ambien?

There are chances that when Ambien is taken with higher dosage strength for a longer period it would cause memory loss in a person. It is found that if the person does not go to bed to sleep after the medication is taken they are more likely to get affected by memory loss. It is okay not to immediately sleep after taking the pill but it is important to at least lie in the bed.

So, to stay safe while on Ambien medication, it is recommended not to indulge in any activities after the pill is taken rather go to sleep. The patients who followed this are less likely to get affected by memory issues. If you are the ones those who are prescribed to take Ambien with higher dosage strength by a doctor, it is sure that they would have found the benefit to outweigh the risks.

What are the mistakes that people do while taking Ambien that might cause memory loss?

First mistake is that, people immediately purchase ambien medication once they feel they are not getting enough sleep but this is wrong. It is very important to consult with the doctor and check if it is safe to take the pills for you. Even those patients who are prescribed with the drug would develop drug tolerance very soon now think about people who without getting medical advice take ambien with higher dosage strength and start taking it. You have to remember that these mistakes would not fetch you better effectiveness on your sleeping problem but would cause side effects especially memory loss.

Ambien drug is known to be used for recreational purpose. Some people misuse the pills; they snort, break or crush it before taking it. Even if the medication is taken with medical guidance some people are prone to tolerance and addiction. Doing these kind of activities, would be harmful. So, do not try any of those kinds at any point of time.


Ambien, when properly taken would help you to get rid of sleeping problems. This drug is definitely a boon when taken right and a ban when taken in a wrong manner.

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