Individuals who are very much worried about the inability to afford your medications can think about preferring the Canadian route. If you choose this way then you would be sure about who you are actually having business with.It is not required for you to waste money as we have found a genuine website for you.  That option is Big Mountain Drugs and it is a Canadian based Drugstore. I asked them few questions and they answered it in the right way. I have listed below some important questions.

How reputable is Big Mountain Drugs?

People are not going to get some clothes or any kind of electronic equipment from the site. But, they are going to get the medications to treat various medical ailments. If they have decided to spend money in this way then it is a must to know with whom they are dealing with. They would think that it should not just be a source but it should be the best. BMD is one of the best and leading online drugstores which are known to provide safe and affordable products to the customers.

What is the amount of money that we can save on medications in BMD?

It is told that, in the United States you can save huge amount of money for the medications when it is purchased in generic form. This would be the case years ago but definitely not the situation now. You would know that in US, generics are also very much expensive. People would expect real savings rather than eye wash saving. In case of Big Mountain Drugs, they can really save up to fifty percent and in few cases, it might also increase to ninety percentages. If you take the quality then it is also similar to the ones that you get in the US.

Where do BMD source the medication from?

Individuals would feel better when knowing about where they source the products from before they purchase. Only this would help me to trust on something that I would intake. Most of the people do not prefer the products that are sourced from third world country. This is because, they cannot trust the quality. If we want to get items like Viagra or Cialis, then it sure that we want the quality should be good similar to drugstores. The medications are sourced from Canada, Europe and from first world countries.

How about shipping and customer service?

The customer service team in BMD would help you to sort out the questions in many languages like Hindi, French, English, Spanish, Punjabi and Tagalog. You can ask any doubts and clear it. There are various shipping options available here.

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