Ativan vs Valium

Only those suffering from anxiety or depression conditions know how difficult it is to cope with their symptoms. You might feel extremely agitated, can get irritated over petty issues or feel depression most of the time. Some people get heavy panic attacks when they feel distressed or have overwhelming anxiety thoughts. All these indicate signs of anxiety and depression a person is going through. Such individuals are prescribed with Ativan and Valium to help them get relief from anxiety disorder. Both of these meds are very powerful in suppressing the agitated nerves of a person and helping them to relax thus enabling them to overcome anxiety disorder and depression. This blog brings forth the hidden properties of Ativan and valium, how they differ from each other and how they act in the body to treat anxiety disorder, panic attacks and depression.


Ativan is prescribed by major physicians across the globe to help people calm their nerves so that they are able to overcome the anxiety and panic attacks. Ativan belongs to a group of medications known as benzodiazepines. It consists of an active component called lorazepam which is also its generic name. This drug is known to work in the body by affecting the chemicals in the brain and nerves that could be unbalanced in people who suffer from anxiety. This is a highly addictive substance and is available only upon a prescription. Those who have a history of drug or alcohol abuse should refrain from using Ativan


Valium is another strong anti-anxiety med that has gained significant prominence by treating a large number of anxiety afflicted individuals. Valium also belongs to the benzodiazepine family and comprises of diazepam as its active ingredient. Valium is available in the generic version with the name diazepam. It works in the similar manner as that of Ativan and works extensively in enabling people to gain relief from the overwhelming anxiety attacks.

Which is the best, Valium or Ativan?

Both valium and Ativan are bioequivalent in nature and are equally effective. They differ by the active and inactive ingredients and also slightly in the mechanism of action in the body. The working efficacies of these drugs are at par. Some people choose Ativan as they have heard it to be very effective. Some people are suitable to valium as it is a very strong medicine for treating anxiety and depression. The choice between Ativan and valium depends upon the age of the patient, their medical condition and also their response to the drug.

Price of valium and Ativan

One can find the prices of Ativan and valium comparably low at online pharmacies than retail outlets. This low price is due to a number of factors. One can purchase 10 mg of valium priced at $73 approximately containing 20 valium pills in the pack. Ativan can be availed for a price of $123 in the dosage strength of 1 mg and has 30 pills in the pack. The price though is bound to fluctuate from time to time depending upon the market value.

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