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Established in the year 2011, we at, for the past 5 years have dedicated ourselves to bringing forth an information about the prescription and over the counter medications. For making available the best quality prescription drugs online, we provide the data about the best online drugs purchase platform. We also provide the tips to obtain medications at an unbeatable price. Because of our commitment to providing the best service we exponentially grew to be one of the top most online pharmacy review websites in last 5 years.

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The reviewed sites specialize in carrying both prescriptions and over the counter medication. All the medications are high in quality as they only source FDA approved meds. Bringing forth the best place to obtain branded and generic medications is our utmost priority. The generic medications sold on reviewed sites are FDA approved and assured of the quality and safety. We only review about internationally renowned and FDA licensed pharmacies. So, when you place your order with these reviewed pharmacies, you can be sure that you only get the best generic and brand name products. In addition to these aspects, there are many key factors that set our reviewed pharmacies apart from other pharmacies.

Best Rated Online drugstores:

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You will gain great cost savings when you opt for the online pharmacy reviewed as best by the noble drugstore. The best rated online drugstores constantly strive to provide the cheapest price in the market. They aim to offer the best platform for people who wish to save reasonable amount on their prescription bills. They come with guarantees not available online, if you come across any prescription or OTC Canadian drugstore with cheaper prices, they will for sure beat them. They are normally the top notch leading online pharmacy portals and have a huge customer base because they ensure both high quality and low price. In addition to offering lowest prices, they even go a step further and offer extra bonus pills to the returning customers. A returning customer gets multiple loyalty rewards in the form of discounts and bonuses which usually are not found in general pharmacies.

Why should you choose for your information on prescription drugs online?

There are numerous compelling reasons to suggest why you should opt for our review regarding the most preferred Canadian online drugstore & pharmacy.

Great customer service

Our Top Reviewed mail order online pharmacy employs a great customer support team which tries to assist you in your query as much as possible, though it is required to be notified that none of the customer care representatives are practitioners/online doctors, they are skilled only in multiple aspects to offer swift and patient service to different types of customer queries. The customer service representatives are available during business hours. Any inquiries regarding the purchase of the medication, delivery option, shipment details and delivery duration can be obtained from the FAQ section or from their customer care representatives.

4 different shipping methods available

They have multiple different shipping carriers available for your meds delivery.

  • Fedex – 1-3 Business Days (Only Limited products)
  • DHL – 1–5 Business days, European meds only.
  • USPS – All products (7-16 Business days)
  • Regular Airmail – 14–21 Business days, available for all products.

By incorporating four different shipping modes, they ease the troubles of people who intend to get the prescription meds delivered at the right time. At times, there is an urgency to avail the medication and in such cases, consumers can opt for a quick delivery option. Any shipping carriers such as FedEx, DHL, USPS or regular airmail can be chosen based on the needs of the customer. They also have an excellent shipment tracking feature enabled on the website, that lets individuals track their consignment round the clock. Hence with all the superior features the Canadian online pharmacy aims to stand as a benchmark for other online pharmacies in all aspects.

For some medications, if the package needs to be confidential they are also equipped to provide discreet delivery for the requested customers. This way no one, including the delivery personnel will be aware of your medicinal need.

Flexibility of payment methods to buy your drugs online

This Online drugstore has a wide variety of payment options available:

  • Visa Card: One can use a debit card, credit card or prepaid card to purchase the respective medication online.
  • Master Card: You may again use either a debit, credit or prepaid card for your purchases.
  • E-Checks: This option is available only for US based customers.
  • Western Union: Available for customers throughout the countries we serve.
  • Bank Wire (Swift/IBAN): Both are available for transactions.

People have the flexibility to choose whichever payment method they prefer. This is another reason why people choose this online drugstore as they can conveniently place their orders for the prescription medications they wish to buy due to the wide variety of available payment modes.

Customer security is their top priority

These Online drugstores are with highest of security standards. One of the biggest concerns for customers online is data (personal information) theft. Hence they take utmost care in ensuring that the website is safeguarded by strict security standards. All the information, including the basic contact information shared by the customers, will be kept with maximum privacy.

They offer even higher security for the confidential information as all the payments are processed through 256 bit SSL layered encryption so that there is no chance for the data to be intercepted or stolen. And the payments can be done in a simple hassle-free manner without any lags.

Authentic information about all the prescription meds

They provide in-depth information of the products that are listed on the website. This information is replete with dosage information, method of consumption of the drug, the mechanism with which the drug functions in the body, precautions, side effects and drug interactions.

**Do note, an online doctor isn’t available at the pharmacy store so buying of your meds online from them is at your discretion.

List of benefits you don’t get anywhere else other than from the trusted online drugstore

Unbeatable Prices: You receive cheaper deal and they actually deliver the quality only meds to you.

Discreet Shipping: They completely understand how important discretion is when it comes to your medications being delivered to you. They make sure all your meds are discretely shipped.

Personal Info Security: Your information is not solicited for what so ever the reason might be, they don’t mass mail, or share your information with any other 3rd party. The only calls as well that you will receive from their end would be to confirm your order or to take feedback on your purchase of the medication.

Returning Customer Loyalty Program: They have to return customer loyalty programs in terms of bonuses on refilling of meds, discounts on your price of drugs etc. These offers will be available to you throughout the year. For more, you may interact with one of their customer care reps and get an understanding of the loyalty programs.

Why do people usually choose a Canadian online pharmacy?

There are multiple reasons why people usually choose a Canadian online pharmacy over other online pharmacies while buying their prescription drugs online. Given below are some of the factors that make us different among pharmacies

Reliable Pharmacies:

The number one factor is the reliability of the drugs because all prescription meds are ensured of their high-quality before they are sold through a Canadian drug store. Hence, as there is no scope for fake or counterfeit meds offered by a Canadian online drugstore.

Availability of service in different countries:

Generally, most of the customers purchasing medication from an online drug store are from the United States and since the prescription drugs from the United States are considered quite expensive, the next best option is to go for Canadian drugs online. Moreover, the cost of drugs comparatively is a lot cheaper from Canada than the United States.

The authenticity of the drugs Canadian pharmacies offer:

Another factor that makes people choose a Canadian pharmacy is that there is a higher risk of online counterfeit drugs if a pharmacy is operating from third world countries. Some third world pharmacies either deceive their customers or deliver sub-standard prescription medication. Since safety is the biggest factor while buying drugs online, customers can confidently choose our pharmacy.

FDA approved drugs

Aside from all the aforesaid factors, a Canadian online pharmacy also abides by the regulations provided by the FDA in terms of maintaining best manufacturing standards. The medications are sourced from FDA approved facilities so obviously the quality of the drugs supplied by them is unsurpassed. So, buying your drugs from pharmacies reviewed by us would be the ideal and best option in every aspect including price, quality, and safety for buying genuine generic and branded prescription medication.

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